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Department of S H & M is one of the oldest and indispensable departments of DCET. It consists of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, English, Environmental Sciences and management disciplines. It imparts excellent quality education in the area of Engineering Mathematics, Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry, English, Environmental studies, Economics, and Management sciences. The department currently has twenty seven faculty members and sufficient number of supporting staff who leave no stone unturned to build up innovative thinking among the budding engineers. It relentlessly works to impart knowledge, quality based teaching and above all outlook which is imperative for a proficient engineer. The department always strives to make our students audacious, communicative and spontaneous. The department takes all initiatives to allow teaching happen beyond classroom.

Department has the state of the art English language laboratory which focuses on phonetics, enhancement of communication skills, soft skills, etiquettes and accent & neutralization.

State of the art Physics laboratory focuses on conducting experiments on general areas of applied optics, electronics and solid state Physics.

State of the art Chemistry laboratory focuses on knowledge and practice of quantitative instrumental and titrimetric analysis of materials.


“To prepare the students with broad vision into theoretical and application oriented knowledge to be a state of art engineer.”       

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