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Production Engineering

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The Department of Production engineering at Deccan College of Engineering and Technology is a prominent academic institution committed to delivering high-quality education in the field of computer science engineering.

Academic Excellence

With a rich history dating back to 1991, the department has gained recognition for its unwavering dedication With a rich history dating back to 1991, the department is renowned for its unwavering commitment to academic excellence. It offers an undergraduate program in Production engineering , ensuring that students receive a comprehensive foundation in this rapidly evolving field.on to academic excellence.

State-of-the-Art Facilities:

The department is equipped with advanced laboratories and infrastructure, providing students with hands-on experience and practical knowledge in real-world applications of computer science engineering.


Deccan College of Engineering and Technology is affiliated with Osmania University, a renowned institute, a reputable institution in India, ensuring that the curriculum and education provided meet the highest standards of quality in India.

Industry-Relevant Skills

The department places a strong emphasis on preparing graduates with the necessary technical and practical knowledge, as well as professional skills to address real-time challenges in the rapidly growing field of Production engineering

Highly Qualified Faculty:

The department boasts a team of well-qualified and experienced faculty members who mentor and guide students throughout their academic journey.

Enrollment and Student Community

The department offers an undergraduate program with a diverse intake of students and fosters a vibrant student community, promoting collaborative learning and personal growth.

The Department of Production engineering at Deccan College of Engineering and Technology is dedicated to preparing students for a dynamic and technology-driven future while providing a strong foundation in the principles and applications of Production engineering

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