Internal Quality Assurance Cell ( IQAC )

In alignment with the best practices in higher education, Deccan College of Engineering and Technology (DCET) has established an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC). The IQAC serves as a pivotal component in our pursuit of continuous quality enhancement, which is a fundamental aspect of our commitment to excellence.

Mission and Vision of DCET’s IQAC :


Our vision is to ensure that a quality culture is at the core of DCET’s identity, making quality the prime concern for our institution. We aim to institutionalize and internalize all the initiatives aimed at enhancing quality, both with internal and external support.


The mission of DCET’s IQAC is multi-faceted:

  1. Drive Quality Improvement: The IQAC serves as the driving force behind efforts to remove deficiencies and enhance quality, both in academic and administrative domains.
  2. Channelize Academic Excellence: We work to systematize and channelize our efforts and measures towards academic excellence. This includes promoting a student Learning-Centric environment, utilizing ICT tools for teaching and learning, and inculcating a value-based education system.
  3. Facilitate Knowledge Exchange: DCET encourages various departments to organize seminars, workshops, orientation programs, and faculty development initiatives to enhance the knowledge-sharing ecosystem.
  4. Progress Assessment: The IQAC assesses the annual progress of our departments through internal and external audit systems, ensuring that we maintain a high standard of quality in all activities.
  5. Operational Excellence: Our IQAC ensures effective and transparent operations across academic, administrative, and financial activities, thereby fostering excellence in every facet of our institution’s functioning.
  6. Data Documentation: We maintain an institutional database and document all activities that contribute to quality improvement, which is essential for informed decision-making and progress tracking.
  7. Support Structure: The IQAC is committed to ensuring the adequacy, timely maintenance, and smooth functioning of our support structures, which underpin the institution’s functioning.
  8. Stakeholder Engagement: We actively build associations with stakeholders and promote a sense of social responsibility, connecting our institution with the broader community.

The primary objectives of our IQAC are:

  1. To create a systematic approach for continuous, purposeful, and catalytic actions aimed at improving the academic and administrative performance of DCET.
  2. To foster a culture of quality by promoting institutional practices that enhance quality through the internalization of quality values and the institutionalization of best practices.

The IQAC at DCET is dedicated to maintaining and enhancing the institution’s commitment to quality education and holistic development by actively engaging in quality assurance and improvement initiatives. Our vision and mission guide our efforts towards achieving academic excellence and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

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