Information Technology


The Information Technology department was started in the year 2000 with an intake of 60 students by Osmania University. The main objective of starting the Information Technology department was to integrate the three C- Computers, Communication, and Control systems into a single course. Since then, continuous emphasis has been on devising a curriculum to meet the current necessity and anticipated requirements of the IT Industry.

The syllabus of the Information Technology course is designed to incorporate new technologies from the software and hardware market and to provide Hands-on learning to the students by including respective laboratories. The curriculum includes mini-projects where the students can explore their innovative ideas by developing novel projects. Summer Internship program in the curriculum facilitates exposing the students to the functioning of the IT industry. The department organizes regular workshops on cutting-edge technologies to enable students to gain knowledge about new emerging fields of Information Technology and to make them industry-ready.

The Information Technology Department has classrooms enabled with information Communication Technology (ICT) tools for teaching and learning. IT Department has well-equipped laboratory facilities with the latest licensed software for students. IT Department has excellent and experienced faculties, who have extensive experience in not only teaching but also in research. IT department has contributed more than 40+ research papers, and 4 chapters in IEEE, ACM, Springer, and CRC Taylor and Francis International Journals, and the research articles have attained more than 250 citations across the globe. The department also has four patents for design from the Indian Patent Office for “Health Analysing Office Chair Seat”,“Intelligent Surveillance Device”, “Blockchain Integrated remote patient monitoring using Internet of Things”, “Online teaching system using Artificial Intelligence and Digital Pad”. Department faculty members have published two books “Semantic Web Personalization” and “A Progressive Approach to Multi Cast Crypto Systems” which are available online book purchase stores.

IT Department,makes the students acquainted with technical, research-oriented, and personal skills to compete with world-class students. Under the constant, dedicated effort and guidance of IT Faculty, IT Students were able to achieve the 2nd prize of RS 50,000 at the International SHRM Tech Hackathon held in May 2019.

The excellent foundation laid in the Information Technology department has facilitated the pass-out students not only to get employed in diverse fields of the Information Technology Industry but also to pursue masters and doctorates in IIIT, state, and central universities in India, and reputed foreign universities. Alumni of the DCET IT department are present across all continents and are working endlessly to provide comprehensive solutions to ongoing software and hardware requirements.

Department Home

The Department of Information Technology at Deccan College of Engineering and Technology is a distinguished academic institution committed to delivering top-tier education in the realm of information technology.

Academic Excellence

With a legacy dating back to 2000, the department has built a reputation for unwavering dedication to academic excellence. It offers an undergraduate program in Information Technology, ensuring that students receive a solid and comprehensive foundation in this ever-evolving field.

State-of-the-Art Laboratories

The department is equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, providing students with practical experience and hands-on knowledge in real-time applications of information technology.


Deccan College of Engineering and Technology is affiliated with Osmania University, a prestigious institution in India, guaranteeing that the curriculum and education provided maintain the highest quality standards.

Industry-Relevant Skills

The department places a strong emphasis on equipping graduates with the necessary technical and practical knowledge, as well as professional skills to tackle real-time challenges in the rapidly growing field of information technology.

Highly Qualified Faculty:

The department prides itself on a team of highly qualified and experienced faculty members who mentor and guide students through their academic journey.

Enrollment and Student Community

The department offers an undergraduate program with a diverse intake of students and fosters a vibrant student community, promoting collaborative learning and personal growth.

The Department of Information Technology at Deccan College of Engineering and Technology is dedicated to preparing students for a dynamic and technology-driven future while providing a strong foundation in the principles and applications of information technology.

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