Exam Branch

The Examination Branch at Deccan College of Engineering and Technology (DCET) plays a pivotal role in the academic journey of our students. It is committed to ensuring a fair and efficient examination process while uploading the highest standards of integrity and transparency. The branch is an essential part of our institution, facilitating a smooth and organized assessment of our students’academic performance.

Key Functions of the Exam Branch:

  1. Examination Application: form is kept on college website, students can download.
  2. Admit Card Distribution: It oversees the distribution of hall tickets to students, providing them with essential details for their examinations.
  3. Examination Conduct:The exam branch ensures the proper conduct of examinations, including the arrangement of examination halls seating plans, and the presence of invigilators with perfect monitoring.
  4. Evaluation Coordination: After the examinations, the Exam Branch collaborates with academic departments to manage the evaluation process. This includes the timely evaluation.
  5. Result Publication: The exam branch will inform students in time about publication of results by Osmania University.
  6. Transcript and certificate Issuance: It facilitates the issuance of course completion certificate, and other academic documents to students upon successful completion of their programs.
  7. Academic Records Management: The branch maintains and manages academic records, ensuring their accuracy, security, and accessibility.
  8. Feedback and Grievance Handling: The Exam Branch welcomes feedback from students regarding the examination process and addresses any grievances promptly, striving to enhance the overall experience.
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