Taheseen Sultana

Name Taheseen Sultana
Designation Assistant Professor
Brief Profile (Expertise) Assistant Professor specializing in Transportation Engineering within Civil Engineering. Extensive expertise in traffic flow analysis, transportation planning, and infrastructure design. Proficient in sustainable transportation solutions. Adept at applying innovative solutions for urban mobility challenges, integrating sustainable practices into transportation systems. Skilled in utilizing cutting-edge for traffic modeling and simulation, Statistical Techniques. Conducts research aimed at optimizing transportation networks for efficiency and safety. Passionate about educating future engineers, fostering a comprehensive understanding of transportation systems. Committed to advancing the field through innovative research, practical applications, and industry collaborations. Dedicated to preparing students to address the complexities of modern transportation challenges with expertise and innovation."
Department Civil engineering
Mobile 7013825308
Email tahseensultana@deccancollege.ac.in ertaheseen@gmail.com
Date of Joining 01.10.2013
B.E(Civil Engineering)
M.E (Transportation Engineering)
1. Subject Matter Expertise: Possess in-depth knowledge of transportation engineering principles, including traffic flow theory, transportation planning, geometric design, pavement design. Modeling and Simulation and Statistical Techniques.
2. Teaching Skills: Ability to design and deliver effective lectures, seminars, and catering to diverse learning styles, integrating modern teaching methodologies and technology.
3. Curriculum Development: Proficiency in creating and updating curriculum content in alignment with industry trends, advancements, and accreditation standards.
4. Research Proficiency: Conduct high-quality research in transportation engineering, publishing papers in reputable journals.
5. Mentorship & Advising: Provide guidance and mentorship to students in their academic and career pursuits, including supervising undergraduate and graduate research projects.
6. Communication Skills: Demonstrate strong written and verbal communication skills for effectively conveying complex engineering concepts to students, colleagues, and the broader community.
7. Critical Thinking & Problem-Solving: Ability to analyze complex transportation issues and develop innovative solutions, integrating interdisciplinary perspectives where necessary.
8. Ethical Standards: Uphold high ethical standards in research, teaching, and professional conduct, ensuring integrity and responsibility in all academic endeavors.
9. Continuous Learning: Engage in continuous professional development, staying updated with the latest advancements, tools, and methodologies in transportation engineering.
10. Teamwork & Leadership: Collaborate effectively within interdisciplinary teams, and demonstrate leadership skills in academic and research initiatives.
Specialization Transportation Engineering
Experience Total:10 years

1. Teaching: 10 Years

a) Research: - Years

b) Administration: Years

2. Industrial : Years
Publications Total: 02
SC Imago Journals: Scopus Journals: 02
Web of Science Journals:
UGC CARE listed Journals: Peer reviewed Journals:
  Conference International Publications : Conference National Publications :
Edited Books published by International Publishers: Edited Books published by National Publishers:
Book Chapters in edited books published by International Publishers:

Book Chapters in edited books published by National Publishers:
Research Guidance PhD Thesis: Completed: Ongoing: M.E./MTech- Dissertations:20 Completed : 05 Ongoing: 11
B.E. Projects: 10
Research Projects Academic:16 Completed: 06 Ongoing:10
Sponsored: Completed: Ongoing :
Patents Granted International: National :
Patents Published International: National:
Member of NITTSD
Membership of
Awards & Honors -
Research Interest Transportation planning, Traffic Engineering, Modeling and Simulation
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Vidwan Profile: Research Gate Profile: tahseensultana@deccancollge.ac.in link: Tahseen Sultana (researchgate.net)
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