Dr. Syeda Gaurha Fatima

Name Dr. Syeda Gaurha Fatima
Designation Professor / Principal
Brief Profile(Expertise) Dr. Syeda Gauhar Fatima obtained B.E in Electronics and Communication Enginering from Gulbarga University in 1997, M.Tech in Digital Systems and Computer Electronics from JNTU, Anantpur in 2006 and Ph.D. in Wireless Communications from JNTU, Hyderabad in 2018. She has 23 years of teaching experience. She has organized National conferences and workshops. She has presented many research papers at National & International Conferences and Journals. She has published two patents. She is a Member of International Association of Engineers (IAENG). Her area of interest includes Wireless Sensor Network, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Digital Electronics.
Department Head of the Institution/Principal
Mobile 9618093994
Email principal@deccancollege.ac.in
Dateof Joining 01/01/2002
B.E,M.Tech ,Ph.D.
Facilitates and ensures smooth functioning of ongoing examinations, trainings, development opportunities, such as workshops, seminars, and access to relevant courses to various departments in the institution.
Trained in Microsoft Certified Azure AI Engineer Associate
Specialization Wireless communication & Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning
Experience Total: 23Years (1+2)

1. Teaching: 23Years

a) Research:13Years

b) Administration: 10Years

2. Industrial:--Years
Publications Total: 55
ScopusJournals: 25
UGCCARE listedJournals:2
PeerreviewedJournals: 5
  Conference International Publications : Conference National Publications : 02
Edited Books published by International Publishers: Edited Books published by National Publishers:
Book Chapters in edited books published by International Publishers:

Book Chapters in edited books published by National Publishers:
  ConferenceInternationalPublications:3 ConferenceNationalPublications: -
EditedBookspublishedbyInternationalPublishers: - EditedBookspublished byNationalPublishers:-
BookChaptersineditedbookspublishedbyInternational Publishers:2

BookChaptersineditedbooks publishedbyNationalPublishers: -
Completed: Machine Learning e-commerce Kaggle project.
Ongoing: Business Data Management Capstone project.
Spponsored: Completed: Ongoing:
  ConferenceInternationalPublications: 4
ConferenceNationalPublications: 2
BookChaptersineditedbookspublishedbyInternational Publishers:4

BookChaptersineditedbookspublishedbyNationalPublishers: 1
ResearchGuidance PhDThesis: 2 Completed: - Ongoing: 2
M.E./MTech-Dissertations: Completed : Ongoing:
ResearchProjects Academic: Completed: Ongoing: Sponsored: Completed: Ongoing:
PatentsGranted International: 1 National : __
PatentsPublished International: 1National: 2
Member of International Association of Engineers (IAENG)
Awards&Honors Recipient of “POORNA PRAGNA Award for Academic Excellence in 2023.
ResearchInterest Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning
ResearchProfile(ID&URL) ResearcherProfile:

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