Deccan Alumini

Deccan Alumni is a committee of active alumni enrolling members from those who graduate from the institution. Our DCET alumni iw the embodiment of excellence, with a thriving community of over 10,000 individuals. They’ve excelled in diverse fields across India and worldwide, making us proud. We value the lifelong connection we share with our alumni, and their support has a lasting impact on our institution. Together, we’re creating a network of strength, enriching the DCET experience for current students, and forging connections with industries. Our alumni’s success stories are a testament to the quality education they’ve received, and we look forward to more interaction and collaboration in the future.

There is a strong alumni connect and engagement in the form of  alumni meets, regular guest lectures and seminars delivered by alumni, internships for students offered by their startups, placement opportunities through employee referral program of their respective workplace.

Few of the Distinguished Alumni include:



Abdul Rahman 

Director / co founder – tericsoft

Mir idrees Sultan 

Construction manager – CDM Smith 

Mubeen A

Vice president – Guild Education 

Mohammed Mustafa 

Sr product development engineer – infineon

Riyaz Mirza 

Sr. Broadcast Technology engineer – Qatar media corporation 

Ahsanullah Fatehmulla

Sr Quality Engineer – A Berger

Azam Mohiuddin

Manager – KPMG Canada 

Azam M

Sr program manager – AMD

Kolati Malikarjun Rao 

Firmware engineer – Google 

Sultan GD 

Founder – T- NAUT

Sridhar Nagareddy 

Technical service Manager – workday

Azeem shareef

Scrum Master Manager  – Chamberlain group 

Yeshwanth puppala 

Sr SOC Debug Engineer – intel corporation 

Abdullah omer Siddiqui 

Business Development Manager – Future first energy 

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