startup park Deccan college of engineering and technology

Startup park


Our vision is to contribute to the economic development of our nation by establishing a thriving and innovative entrepreneurship model driven by young entrepreneurs, providing top-notch services



We aim to create a dynamic startup ecosystem by fostering connections between alumni, students, faculty, and industry partners.


1. Skill and train students, faculty, innovators, and entrepreneurs to embrace entrepreneurship and startups through dedicated programs.

2. Identify and develop ideas, proof of concepts (POCs), prototypes, and translate them into product development and minimum viable product (MVP) stages using technology readiness level (TRL) activities.

3. Establish world-class incubation centers with support from government agencies like DST, MSME, and NITI Aayog.

4. Bridge the gap between research and commercialization, encouraging faculty members to shift their focus from research publications to practical applications.

5. Empower startups with business, technology, and marketing support.

6. Strengthen partnerships with various stakeholders from industry, research and development, financial institutions, and academia, promoting synergy and mutual support.

Startup Ready Infrastructure

Pre-incubation and incubation centers, accessible 24/7 to all students and faculty, serve as a bridge between innovators and incubators.

The institution offers the following facilities to support this endeavor.

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