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Industry Institute Partners

Enhancing collaboration between technical institutions and industry has become an imperative need in the contemporary landscape. This partnership holds significant implications for engineering education, providing students with real-world exposure and facilitating their smooth transition into industry positions across the nation.


At Deccan College of Engineering and Technology, our Industry-Institute Partnership Centre (IIPC) is wholly committed to promoting close interaction between the academic community and industry professionals. The IIPC serves as a catalyst for consultancy services, sponsored research and development projects, industrial and academic training that goes beyond the standard curriculum, and the organization of industrial exhibitions and interaction events. By doing so, the IIPC equips engineering students with the knowledge and skills needed for careers in multinational corporations. This interaction effectively bridges the gap between academic institutions and industry.


To foster Industry-Institute Interaction, we have undertaken various initiatives, including:


1. Organizing Workshops and Conferences: Facilitating joint events where faculty and industry experts come together for knowledge exchange.


2. Guest Lectures: Inviting industry professionals to share their insights and experiences with students.


3. Curriculum Development: Collaborating with industry experts to enhance the curriculum with current industry practices.


4. Faculty Consultancy: Providing expert advice from faculty to industries in areas of mutual interest.


5. Joint Research and Field Studies: Undertaking research projects and field studies with faculty and industry personnel.


6. Exchange Visits: Faculty visits to industries for knowledge sharing and discussions.


7. Memoranda of Understanding: Establishing formal agreements to strengthen emotional and strategic ties between the institution and industries.


8. Human Resource Development: Offering programs by faculty to enhance the skills of practicing engineers.


9. Student Projects: Supporting students in conducting their B.E/ M.E/ M.Tech MCA projects in industries under joint guidance.


10. Faculty Assignments: Enabling faculty members to take on short-term assignments in industries.

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