Department Academic Cell:

  • A department Academic Cell with the following objectives is formulated and functions.
  • Interaction with industry/Research establishment.
  • Consultancy and Research Projects.
  • Staff improvement programmes.
  • Membership of professional bodies.
  • Organizing Seminars, Conferences etc.
  • Research and publications by staff.

Student's Personality Development:

  • Counseling for students:
    Continuous counseling is available for all the students and the progress of the students is obtained from time to time. Supported by industrial training programmes and industrial tours, expert lectures etc,.

  • Department forum
    Constituted with staff and students of the Department with the following objectives.
    Conducting of open houses and for overall development of the Department.
    Conducting Technical paper presentations, quiz programmes, elocutions, debates and organizing other cultural activities.

    Feed back systems to improve academic standards.

Department Library:

  • Department library consist of 250 books and around 200 project, seminar and workshop reports and university question papers for reference by students.

Industrial Tours & Liaison:

  • Regular industrial tours and visits are Organized for students. Students are advised to take projects in industry and also students are sponsored for industrial training programme.