About the Department
Instrumentation deals with the art and science of measurement and control of process variables within a production, or manufacturing area. To keep pace with the ever growing demand for automation and process control instrumentation in various industries, there is a need of quality Instrumentation Engineer. In view of this, DCET started a course of Instrumentation Engineering in 1991 with an intake of 30 and subsequently enhanced intake to 40 in 1995 and now the present intake is 40. Students have secured top university ranks starting of the first outgoing batch of year inclusive of the recent batches. Sixteen batches have successfully completed their degrees and are placed globally as well. The Department has requisite number of faculty members, striving to incorporate excellence in theory and practice. Each lab is constructed with latest technology. The laboratories are being continually upgraded and equipment reflecting the latest technology is being added. Each lab is equipped with demo experiments along with the university prescribed experiments.


  • Imparting such knowledge base and skill sets in the fields of instrumentation & automation technologies by providing learning ambience for academics & research leading to global competence.


  • To provide high quality education, which allows the students to realize their aspiration and potential.
  • To advance knowledge, create passion for learning, foster innovation and nurture talents towards serving the society and the country.
  • To pursue unrelenting excellence in research and consultancy service, in the benefit of the global community.
  • To encourage and support creative and innovative projects & activities, to become industry-ready or pursue higher studies of their choice.
  • To contribute towards the betterment of society through workshops by imparting practical skills to unemployed youth for better employability.

The faculty members are focused on the Design, Fabrication and Implementation in different areas of Instrumentation, namely Automation Systems, Robotics, Virtual Instrumentation, Biomedical Signal Processing, Aircraft and Analytical Instrumentation, etc. For B.E program the Department has 1 Professor, 1 Associate Professors and 3 Assistant Professor. The Instrumentation Engineering curriculum encompasses cutting edge industry relevant technologies like Signal & Image Processing, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, , Process Instrumentation and Controls, Bio-Medical Instrumentation, Virtual Instrumentation, Product Design Technology, etc., the contents of which are updated in consonance with the changing industrial needs.