The Department of Instrumentation Engineering is spread over an area of 2000 square meters with well equipped laboratories and class rooms. The class rooms are having the facilities of having sufficient space to accommodate more than 60 students. The department is having a Library with a good collection of more than 112 Text & reference books, CD’s, Project Reports, Laboratory Manuals, etc. The important laboratories along with their special equipments are listed below.

Transducer Lab
Focus: Study of Sensor Characteristics and design of Signal Conditioning circuits.

Process Control Lab
Focus: Design and implementation of controllers for different processes

Microprocessor, Microcontrollers & DSP Lab
Focus: Microprocessor and microcontroller programming and interfacing.

Control Systems Lab
Focus: Control Design, Experimentation with Electrical & Electromechanical Systems

Virtual Instrumentation Lab
Focus : Modeling and Simulation of Virtual Real Time Systems


All the Software & Hardware labs are having sufficient number of Computers, Power Supplies, UPS units, Function Generators, Signal Generators, Pulse Generators, Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes, 100MHz Digital storage oscilloscopes, Resistors, Capacitors, FETs, Transistors, Ammeters and Voltmeters etc.