The English Language is a window to the world. The significant role of its spoken, written usage at formal and instructional level in any academic and professional front is acknowledged across the world. A comprehensive knowledge of the language has become an object of importance in today's professional scenario and career oriented way of education.

A range of language functions of particular relevance to Engineering and Technology is exemplified in the English Language Lab. This new approach is task based and skill-oriented. All the four skills involved in learning a language namely reading, listening, speaking and writing are developed through various tasks. By working through the activities, they try to prove their effectiveness in using English as the means for development and empowerment in their chosen profession.


  • Phonetic script is taught from the basic vowels and consonants.
  • Pronunciation of vowels and consonants is taught through various software packages.
  • British English Accent : Cassettes of British Pronunciation are provided for listening and understanding.
  • Script of American phoneme is also given.
  • Student's own recording along with the listening session is advised.
  • Cassettes of conversation by Native speakers are provided.
  • Students are made to record their own conversation's on the pattern of the native speakers.
  • Lingua phone is also provided for this purpose.
  • Students are advised to watch English news, BBC, CNN and other English programs.
  • Students are divided into groups of four or eight for Group Discussion on Current Topics and Role play on various satiations.
  • Finally they are trained to take the dais for public speaking with special emphasis on pronunciation, presentation, facility of expression, style, body language and above all self confidence.

Teacher's Training Program

Teachers from all faculties of the college are encouraged to take the training session for improving their training session for improving their communication skills. A special training program is designed for this purpose spanning over a flexible time frame of four weeks.