Name of the Laboratory Facilities
Software Lab 1. VHDL 2. P-SPICE 3. MATLAB
4. Xilinx 5. Internet Browsing
Electronic Devices and Circuits Lab Basic electronic test instruments like oscilloscopes, function
generators, DMMs etc..,
Electronic Circuits Lab Advanced experiment kits
Pulse and Digital Circuits & IC Lab Digital IC Tester, digital trainers etc..,
Microprocessor Lab Microprocessor Development Kits (8085 & 8086), Interface cards, Microcontroller kits, etc.,
Microwave Lab Complete microwave test benches
Communication Lab Analog & Digital Commuincation setups
Electronics Workshop & Basic Circuits Lab Basic electronic experiments, PCB etching & drilling, coil
winding and testing facility, Facilities for doing mini projects, network experiments.
Computer Center
Robotic Hub