Bionic Hand

The working of the hand involves the association of relays, LDR and the motors. The functioning of each part is controlled by sensors. The user is fixed with a sensor under the arm which is used for the relaxation of the palm .As the contraction of the arm is automatically done by the LDR, when the palm is brought near the object. Each finger and the respective phalanges are associated with a single motor, which is operated when the sensing is done by the LDR. The operation of the wrist to turn right and left is done by the motor associated at the wrist. The rotation of the motor in a precise direction is operated by each relay separately. The rotation of the hand has 360 degree rotation. The motion of the hand for up and down is also associated with a motor at the elbow and the respective function is carried out. The lifting of the hand is carried out up to 160 degree rotation .It can be stopped at user’s will and any precise angle. The control panel of these motors is affixed on the biceps which involves sensor plates which access the relays and function accordingly.