The Laboratories are being continually upgraded and equipment reflecting the latest technology is being added.

A total amount of Rs4.5 lakhs was spent on upgrading Circuits & Measurements Lab, Power Electronics Lab, Control Systems Lab and Electrical Machines Lab.

Three new labs were established at a total cost of Rs. 21.25 lakhs. Computer Simulation Lab was established with 24 IBM P-4 systems, a UPS and brand new computer table & cabinets at a cost of Rs.7.2 lakhs. Softwares such as PSCAD, MATLAB, SIMULINK with control systems tool box were installed costing Rs4.85 lakhs.

DSP LAB was established with state-of-the-art DSP trainer kits, signal processing tool box and filter design tool box at a total cost of Rs 6.8 lakhs.

Integrated Circuits Lab was established at a total cost of Rs 2.4 lakhs.Equipments such as oscilloscopes,function generators, training kits were purchased.

The department is headed by prof. Syed Ali Ahmed with 23 years experience in industry in India, USA and the middle East and over 15 years of teaching experience in USa and India and Prof. Rama Sarma with 33years of Industry experience.