The Department of Civil Engineering is one of the oldest departments in the Deccan College of Engineering and Technology and was established in the year 1984 offering B.E. with an intake of 60 students. Besides, the department is offering M.E. in Transportation Engineering from the year 2011 with an intake of 18 students. Presently the department is supported with eighteen members of teaching staff drawn from premier institutions in different specializations. There are three Professors with doctorate qualifications, five Associate Professors and remaining are Assistant Professors having rich teaching experience.

The members of faculty of the department are dedicated to the improvement of academic standards and are keen on the overall development of the students. Along with their regular teaching work, the faculty members also attend short term training programmes at this institution and other institutions and regularly update their knowledge. The department has a very efficient advisory system which always keeps very close teacher student relationship. The department has been successful in producing excellent and well-trained graduates. Certain faculty members are approved research supervisors for guiding PhD students of Osmania University and other Universities, besides editorial board members for various referred international journals.

The faculty members are always encouraged for pursuing research and publication of technical papers. The faculty members of the department have published more than 100 papers referred in the various national and international journals. The department has organized civil engineering workshops and conferences in the past. The department has well equipped labs in all disciplines which cater to the need of the undergraduate and post graduate students. Many of our alumni hold prestigious positions in leading academic institutions, industry and government in different countries all over the world.

The Department library is having good collection of text books and reference books. Relevant IS codes are made available for the reference of students and teachers. Collection of technical journals, project reports are also available in the library.

Materials Testing Laboratory
The Department has a well equipped material testing Laboratory which has several Equipments for testing most of the engineering properties of materials. This consists of two laboratories – One for general engineering materials and the second for Building materials. The Equipments consists of Universal Testing Machines, Compression Testing Machines, Torsion testing machine, and equipments for testing Fatigue, Spring, Timber , cement, concrete tiles, brick, etc.

Soil Mechanics Laboratory
This Lab is equipped with equipment for testing the properties of soil both for field & laboratory tests. The equipments are available for testing Direct Shear, Triaxial, Index properties, Grain size analysis, and field tests for bearing capacity - Plate load & Standard penetration test.

Survey Laboratory
This Survey laboratory has instruments for all sorts of field survey works including Total Station, Precision Theodolites, Self leveling instruments, Planimeter, and conventional equipments like Plane table, etc.

Environmental Engineering Laboratory
All tests for water quality can be done in this lab. The equipments available are turbid meter, Jar test for BOD, etc.

Concrete Laboratory
This laboratory is equipped with the latest equipments for testing cement & concrete materials. Some of the equipments available are CTM 200T, Flexure testing, compaction factor testing etc.

Transportation Engineering Laboratory
This laboratory is exclusively for the PG students and is equipped with the latest equipments in highway material testing. All tests for Highway construction like Aggregates, Subgrade, Bitumen can be tested here. The test that can be done are Bitumen tests, Abrasion tests, Crushing, & Impact tests on aggregates, California bearing ratio test, and other tests.

Computer Centre
Department Computer Centre is functioning from 2005 onwards and is continuously updated to keep abreast with the developments in the field. The centre has got the latest computers enables the students to do advanced projects in software development related to civil engineering. The centre is also having internet connection and possesses a number of standard design and analysis software packages.

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
This laboratory is equipped with the latest equipments in fluid mechanics. Some of the equipments available are Bernoullis, Reynolds, impact test, free vertex flow, notches, venturimeter, turbines, pumps, channels, venture flume equipments etc.