Advanced Learning Resource Center (ALRC) was established to provide an opportunity to students and staff of the college to conduct seminars, arrange expert lectures and enhance their knowledge by going through video graphed expert lectures from eminent professors of IIT's on various topics of Engineering.

Facilities provided to staff and Students

  • Public Address System
  • Laptop Computer
  • LCD Projector
  • Over-Head Projector
  • Screen Laser Pointer
  • T. V . Sets - 29"
  • VCR's
  • DVD & CD Players
  • Sony Audio Cassette Recorder

In addition to the above the following Video Cassettes and Computer Based Tutorials materials are available to enhance the quality of learning and teaching skills

Department Subject Title Source and Lectured by Units
Information Technology
Software Engineering Dr. Rajib Mall , IIT , Kharagpur 32
Internet Technologies Prof. Indranil Sengupta ,IIT, Kanpur 30
Switching and Finite Automata Theory Prof. S.C. De. Sarkar , IIT, Kharagpur 33
Object Oriented System Design Prof. A.K. Majumdar & Dr.Sudershna Sarkar
IIT Kanpur
Computer Networks &
Prof. Ajit Pal , IIT,kharagapur 40
Master of
Computer Applications
Computer Graphics Prof. K.K. Biswas IIT Delhi 31
Database Management System Dr. S.K. Gupta , IIT Delhi 33
Civil Engineering Environmental Pollution Dr. Mukesh Khare , IIT Delhi 26
Water Management Dr. A.K. Gosain IIT Delhi 40
Mechanical &
Production Engineering
Heat Transfer Prof. S.P. Venkateshan, IIT Chennai 50
Computational methods in Design &
Dr. R.Krishna Kumar , IIT Chennai 33
Manufacturing Process Prof. R.S Parmar , IIT Delhi 13
Electronics &
VLSI Technology Dr. Nanditadas Gupta , IIT Madras 40
Digital Signal Processing Prof. T.K Basu , IIT Kharagapur 36
Electronics &
Instrumentation Engineering
Introduction to Photo Electro
Dr. T. Pradeep IIT Madras 04
Principles & Design of Digital
Prof. S. Srinivasan IIT Madras 28
Principle of Mechanical
Prof. R.Raman , IIT Madras  
Electricals &
Electronics Engineering
High Voltage Gen. Measurement
& Testing Techniques
Prof. Dr. Y. Narayana Rao , IIT Madras 13
D.C.Machines Prof. S.S. Murthy IIT Delhi 12
Elect.Machines - II Prof. S.S. Murthy IIT Delhi 01
Maths(CBT.Maths) Engg. Maths I, II & III / Maths for IIT / Matrices & Diff. Calculus
English Various books audio cassettes &CDs to develop English speaking skills