Faculty Profile - Department of IT

Mrs. Ayesha Ameen
Associate Professor
Department :   I T
Qualification : B.E, M.Tech
Experience : Working since Jan 2006
Email – Id : a.ameen@deccancollege.ac.in
Contact No : -
Subject Specialization : Data Based system ,Data housing and mining, Digital signal processing signals system ,Data Structures ,Object oriented system development Distrubuted System Advance Architecture, Time system Information Storage & Management.
Research Publications :
  1. Presented in “creation of ontology in education domain” in IEEE 4th International conference on technology for Education Page no: 237-238 in year 2012.
  2. Presented in “Construction of University Ontology“ in IEEE information and communication technologies (WICT), 2012 World Congress page no: 39-44, in October 2012.
  3. Presented “Ontological Student Profile” in ACM Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Computational Science, Engineering and Information Technology pages: 466-471 in October 2012.
  4. Presented “Extracting knowledge from Ontology using Jena for Semantic Web” in International Conference IEEE -International Conference for Convergence of Technology (I2CT), pp. 466-471 in April 2014.
  5. Published International Journal “Semantic Web Personalization: A Survey” in Information and Knowledge Management. ISSN: 2224-5758, Vol. 2. No. 6 in 2012.
  6. Published International Journal “Semi-Automatic Merging of Ontologies using Protégé” in International Journal of Computer Applications,85(12), ISSN: 0975 – 8887, pp. 35-42 in 2014.
  7. Published International Journal “Reasoning in Semantic Web Using Jena” in Computer Engineering and Intelligent Systems 5(4), ISSN: 0975 – 8887, pp. 39-47 in 2014.
  8. Published International Journal “SemRPer-A Rule based Personalization System for Semantic Web” in International Journal Web Applications Volume 7 Number 1, ISSN: 0974-7710, pp 23-38 in March 2015.