Faculty Profile - Department of Electronics & Communication

Mr. Kamel Mohammed AliKhan Siddiqui
Assistat Professor
Department :   EIE
Qualification : B.E(Osm), M.Sc (Electroics). UK, PGDIT. UK and PGDNW, UK.
Experience : Working with DCET Since Feb 2015.
Email – Id : kamel@deccancollege.ac.in
Contact No : 7032153372
Subject Specialization : MSc. SoC Design for DSP and Communication(VLSI-FPGA Design)
Research & Publications :
  1. Home, Hotel and Hospital Automation System: Hardware and Software Implementation using Android, windows OS. 2013, UAE.
  2. LED light intensity and field wiring in Modernn World. 2012, UAE.
  3. WCDMA and 3G Survey Analysis for Huwei, 2011, India.
  4. Design, Simulation and Hardware Implementation of a multi-sage Low Pass Sigma-Delta Modulator(Matlab and Modelism(Mentor Graphics)) 2009, UK.
  5. FIR and IIR Processor Design on FPGA using (Matlab and Modelism(Mentor Graphics)) 2009, UK.
  6. IC Design for movig Robot using (Modelism(Mentor Graphics)) 2008, UK.
  7. Design, Simulation and FPGA Implementation of a general purpose Sorter. 2008, UK.
  8. Design and Transient Analysis of Fractional Delay Filters(Matlab). 2008, UK.
  9. FPGA Implementation and Testing of a Systolic Array of Division and Square Root using (Matlab and Modelism). 2007, UK
  10. DC to DC Convertor (EIE Project). 2002, India.
Journals :
  1. EFY(Electronics for You) Magazine: Article o Siemens and Allen Bradley Applications for PLC and SCADA Systems, 2011 India.
Conferences :
  1. IET Conference, Lodon, UK 2008
  2. IEEE, London, UK University of Westminster, 2009.
  3. Mentor Graphics, London, UK University of Westminster, 2009.
  4. Intersec-Expo, Dubai, UAE. 2012.
  5. IMTECH, Dubai, UAE, 2013-14.
Achievements & Awards :
  1. Team Lead and Exhibition compliances with Samsung Team, 2014.
  2. Product Lauch for Touch Electrical Switches-Automation award for Chrome, 2013.
  3. IET Associate, 2008.
  4. Student Associate, University of Westminster, 2009.