Faculty Profile - Department of M.Tech CSE

Mr.Mohammed Khaja Nizamuddin
Associate Professor
Department :   Computer Science & Engineering
Qualification : B.E.M.Tech, (Ph.d )
Experience : Working since Oct 2009.
Email – Id : mknizams@deccancollege.ac.in
Contact No : 9849021341, 040 24802634-Ext- 330
Subject Specializations : Computer Networks,Database Management System,Real Time Systems, Computer Architecture.
Research & Publications : Area of Research in Mobile Data base Systems
Journal : 1. Mohammed Khaja Nizamuddin,Syed Abdul Sattar, “ Data Count Driven Concurrency Control Scheme With Performance Gain in Mobile Enviriments” In; Journal of Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sceince , Vol. 2 , pp 106-112,2011.ISSN: 2079-8407
2. Mohammed Khaja Nizamuddin,Syed Abdul Sattar,”An Improved Prioritized Concurrency
3. Control Scheme With Performance Gain in Mobile Environment” In : ARPN Journal of Systems and Sof tware .Vol. 1, No.1 pp 34-40 ,2011.AJSS Journal
International Conference : 1. Salman Abdul Moiz ,Mohammed Khaja Nizamuddin, “ Concurrency Control Without Locking in Environments” in proceedings of IEEE 1st International Conference Trends in Engineering & Technology, Nagpur INDIA,July 16-18,2008,pp`1339,2008.ISBN : 978-0-7695-3256-7.(IEEE Computer Society)
2. Mohammed Khaja Nizam uddin, Syed Abdul Sattar .”Adaptive Validity Period Based Concurrency Control Without Locking in Mobile Environments” in Proceedings of The Second International Conference on Wireless & Mobile Networks (WiMoN), Chennai, Imdia ,July 23-25 2010, In: Recent Trenda in Information Science, V0l. 90.Part 2, pp 349-358 CCIS-Springer (2010).ISBN: 978-3-642- 14492-9 (Print ) ,978-4-642-14493-6 (Online).
3. Mohammed Khaja Nizamuddin , Syed Abdul Sattar, “Priority Based Concurrency Control Without Locking in Mobile Environments” in Proceeding of IEEE 3RD International Conference On Electronics Cmputer Technology – ICECT 2011 Kanayakumari , INDIA ,April 8—10 2011, Pp V3-108 ---V3-112,2011 . ISBN : 978-1-4244-8679-3 (IEEE)