Award of Degree

The Degree of Master of Computer Applications will be conferred on a candidate who has pursued a “Regular Course of Study” for three academic years as hereinafter prescribed in the scheme of instruction and has passed all the examination as prescribed in the scheme of examination.

A regular course of study for eligibility to appear the Examination of any semester shall mean putting in attendance of not less than 75% aggregate in lectures, practical, projects, seminars, extension etc., in subjects listed in the scheme of instruction. Provided that, in special recommendation of the Principal, may condone the deficiency not exceeding 10% in attendance on medical grounds.

In any semester of the course, if a candidate fails to secure the minimum percentage of attendance, he/she shall not be eligible to appear in the examination of that semester and he/she shall have to enroll himself/herself to undergo afresh a “Regular Course Study” of the corresponding semester in subsequent academic session, in order become eligible to appear for the examination.

The attendance shall be reckoned from the date of commencement of the instruction as per the almanac communicated by the University.

However, in case of late-admitted candidates (but within the stipulated time), the attendance will be reckoned from the date of admission.