Scheme of Instruction & Examination

  • Instruction in the various subjects in each year/semester shall be provided by the college as per the scheme of instruction and syllabus prescribed.
  • The First year of the B.E. Course shall be on the annual examination pattern. The second, third and fourth year shall be on the semester pattern.
  • The distribution of marks of sessionals based on the internal assessment by concerned teacher and that for University Exam shall be as follows:
    No. Subject Sessional University Exam
    i) Each theory subject 25* 75**
    ii) Each practical or drawing subject
    for which less than (6) periods per week are
    provided in the scheme of instruction.
    25* 50**
    iii) Each practical or drawing subject
    for which (6) Periods per week are provided
    in the scheme of instruction.
    50 100
    iv) Project 50 Excellent/
    Very Good/Good/
    * 5 Marks be allotted for assignments in the subject out of the 25 sessional marks, the rest begin based on Internal Tests. There shall be three internal tests for 1 st year and 2 internal tests for 2nd year onwards(Semester) each of 20 marks. Average of all three tests should be taken for year wise course and average of two test should be taken for semester course. For subjects where the sessional marks are 50, the assignment will carry 10 marks weightage and internal test weightage will of 40 marks.
    ** The question paper will be of two parts. Part A and Part B. Part A is compulsory and should cover the entire syllabus, and carries 25 marks. The questions should be of 2 or 3 marks each and 10 questions are to be set. Part B will comprise of seven (7) questions. There has to be one question in each unit of the syllabus and the remaining two questions may be from the total syllabus of all units. However, there should not be more than 2 questions from any unit.
  • The programme of instruction, examination and vacation shall be notified by the Dean, in consultation with University.
  • The medium of instruction and examination shall be English.

    Note: To enable the B.E. final year students to complete the course requirements in time, there shall be make-up exams for IV year II semester main examinations.
  • A candidate shall be deemed to have fully passed the Examination of any year/semester, if he/she secures not less than the minimum marks as hereinafter prescribed.
    Minimum pass marks in the University Examinations shall be:
    Each Theory Subject 40% of University Examination
    Each Practical Subject/Project 50% of University Examination
    Overall aggregate of Univ. Exam &
    Sessional marks of a Semester

    There shall however be no minimum for the sessional marks secured by a student in a subject or in all the subjects put together.
  • If a candidate in any year/semester/examination of the course fails to secure the minimum marks in any subjects, then he/she shall have to appear only in the failed subject/s of the semester.