Award of Degree

  • The degree of Bachelor of Engineering will be conferred on a candidate who has pursued a ‘Regular Course of Study’ for four academic years (three academic years for candidates admitted in II year under lateral entry scheme) as hereinafter prescribed in the scheme of instruction and has passed all the examinations prescribed in the scheme of examination.
  • i)A regular course of study for eligibility to appear at the B.E. Examination of any year or semester shall mean putting attendance of not less than 75% aggregate in lectures, practicals, drawing, workshops, field work, project, seminars extension etc., in subject listed in the scheme of instruction. The cumulative monthly attendance in each subject and the aggregate attendance shall be displayed on the notice board.
    ii)In any year/semester of the course if a candidate fails to secure the minimum percentage of attendance, he/she shall not be eligible to appear in the examination of that year/semester and he/she shall have to enroll himself/herself to undergo afresh a ‘Regular Course of Study’ of the corresponding year/semester in subsequent academic session, in order to become eligible to appear for the examination.
    iii)The attendance shall be calculated from the date of commencement of the classes as per the almanac communicated by the University.
    iv)The candidate of the First Year course who have put in not less than 40% of attendance, can seek readmission to fulfill the attendance requirement, without appearing for the Entrance Test during subsequent year, and such admissions shall be treated as supernumerary.
    v)In respect of others who have put in less than 40% attendance in the First year, they have to seek admission afresh going through the Entrance test along with fresh candidates.
  • If a candidate who has pursued a Regular Course of Study of any year/semester wishes to undergo the same course again, he/she may be permitted to enroll again as a regular student for the course of the year/semester, when next offered, depending on the availability of seats, provided that he/she undertakes to forego his/her attendance secured by him/her for that year/semester previously and provided further that he/she has not pursued a ‘Regular course of Study’ in any higher semester, For the award of division, however, he/she shall have the benefit of the higher of the aggregate marks secured in that year/semester.