DCET has a strong Department of Science Humanities and Management department with state of the art infrastructure facilities and spacious laboratories are fully equipped with all equipment for experiments to cater to the experimental needs of students. There is a provision for each student to do the experiment independently. The need for understanding laboratory courses of basic sciences and English language skills in the engineering courses is emphasized and focused which prepares the student for higher courses in main stream of engineering. The laboratories are being continually upgraded and state of the art equipment is being added periodically. An amount of Rs. 4.5 lakhs is being spent on upgrading physics, chemistry and English language laboratories during 2011-12. Physics, Chemistry and English sections of the department are having the following laboratories.

Section Name of the Laboratories Major Equipment
Physics 1. Mechanics/Modern physics lab
2. Optics Lab
3. Electronics Lab
1. Photo cell Kits
2. Solar cell  Kits
3. Energy gap (semiconductor)kits
4. Dielectric constant kits
5. Spectrometers
6. Travelling microscopes
7. Polari meters
8. Lasers
9. Optical fiber  kits
10. CROs
11. Function generators
12. p-n junction kits
13. Thermistors kits
14. 5 KVA voltage stabilizers
15. Malus law  equipment
Chemistry 1. Volumetric Analysis Lab
2. Instrumental Analysis Lab
1. LPG supply system
2. DM Plant
3. Zeolite based water softening plant
4. RO demo Kit
5. 5KVA voltage stabilizer
6. Digital top load Electrical balances
7. UV/Vis Spectrophotometers
8. Conductivity meters
9. Colorimeters
10. pH meters
11. Potentiometers
12. Vacuum pump
English 1. Computer aided Language
    (Phonetics) Lab
2. Communication Skills Lab
1. 10 KVA UPS
2. Lectern with built-in RMS amplifier
     with mike, tweeters and speakers.
3. CTV with VCP
4. 31 P-IV Desktop computer
     systems with LAN
5.English Language learning
  • Sky pronunciation suite
  • Study skills success
  • Its your job